Lacking Pens and Literacy

Alright, down to the business of the day: receiving my studio assignment.  I’m in the common room with the other university students – there are three of them, I believe, all from West Hungary University.  I met one this afternoon, her name is Mercedes (but not pronounced like that).  She seemed very friendly.  She really liked my blue Nike running shoes.

Here’s a picture of my space (I started making saggers today, to try to turn my porcelain black and grey):

Amy's worktable

My worktable!

I’m going to ask for a light tomorrow – if I can’t get one, I’m going to try to move to an area right behind the stairs, which would be more distracting, but has way more light at night.

Student studios at ICS

Another view of the student studio area at ICS - I might move to the table in LRH corner (where slabs are)

I got four test saggers done today.  I’m impatient for them to dry so I can use them!  I guess I do need to make some pieces to put inside them though.  🙂

Today I had a mini breakdown while trying to make those saggers.  I needed to do some calculations, for shrinkage of the clay, and my pen – my one and only pen – quit working.  (Not smart, I know…)  At first I thought, no big deal, I’ll just run over to the mall and buy a couple of new ones.  There’s a big sign on the side of the mall for Office Max or Office Depot or Office Something.  Well, I get there and it’s closed.  As in, permanently closed.  There was a sign on it, but I couldn’t read it.  So I went to the supermarket downstairs.  No pens.  The pharmacy next to the supermarket.  No pens.  Asked the girl at the information booth if there were any stores in the mall that sold anything – anything – to write with.  Nope.  Anything nearby?  Nope.  Apparently pens are only sold in pen stores here, and I didn’t have access to one.  I felt dejected and forlorn.  Yes, those words are apt.  I’ve never been to a grocery store or pharmacy where you couldn’t find a pen.  It made me realize just how different everything is here.  I decided to try walking to another supermarket I’d glimpsed yesterday.  Maybe I’d get lucky and they would have something?  Is the suspense killing you??  I thought so.  But I’m pleased to be able to give you a happy ending!  They had 2 choices of pens, 2 choices of pencils, and one pack containing one pen and one pencil.  Needless to say, I bought six writing utensils.  For a grand total of $2.01!  Ta Da!

PS  Here is my cozy little room:  (It reminds me of the 3rd floor of the Craft House at Penland.  Anyone else?)

My cubbyhole at ICS

My cozy cubbyhole! There's a wardrobe behind the door.


5 comments on “Lacking Pens and Literacy

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh yeah, definitely 3rd floor Craft House – you might feel right at home. It looks like you’re in for quite an exciting time!

    • amyuthus says:

      I did feel right at home as soon as I walked in! It instantly reminded me of Penland, which was awesome, and I always feel safer (when I’m in a strange place) if I’m in a really tiny room, for some reason. There’s no-way-a- crocodile-could-hide-under-this-bed kind-of-thing!

  2. Jen says:

    Do you have an address yet? I need to send you some pictures to put up in your cubby hole!

  3. Jackie says:

    I’m glad your meltdown was mini! And I’m glad you found some writing instruments! How did your saggers turn out? We love you! xxxooo mom

  4. yirsa says:

    What an exciting adventure…the pen thing is certainly different from the good ole USA…funny. i am glad you found some writing instruments!

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