And then there was light

I borrowed a light for my studio table today.  It’s from Ikea.

Right now I’m waiting for my hard boiled eggs to cook.

As you can probably tell, not much has happened today!  I worked some more on saggers, after waking up and realizing that the ones I made yesterday were all the wrong size.  I thought they looked funny when I was making them, but I redid the math 8 or 10 times so I just went with it.  Turned out one of the numbers I was using from the “start” of the calculation was incorrect, and I just kept reusing that same bad number every time I checked it.  Should have checked from one step higher!  So I’m working on new ones today, that are square instead of rectangular.  Two down, two to go.

Tomorrow I’m going to put them in the sun (it’s been warm and sunny here – 80’s) to dry and then go make some molds.  I don’t really enjoy making molds that much to begin with, and they don’t appear to have scales here, so I think I’ll have to use the island method to measure my plaster and water.  I’m not very practiced at that, so it should be interesting.  I also couldn’t find any cottleboards or clamps, just pieces of glass, so I’m not sure how to set up the area to pour into.  Hopefully someone will be willing to help me!

While everything’s drying, I plan to be thesis-ing it up on my laptop!  I also want to go to the ceramics Triennial show that’s in town.  A couple of Americans I know (David Katz & Dan Molyneux) have work in it, and so do a few people from the studio here.  My goal is to be able to cast my molds this weekend and fire them early next week.  Wish me luck!

Also, please wish my lovely mother, Jackie, who has always encouraged me to pursue art, a happy birthday tomorrow!  I love you, Mom!


I almost forgot: a native Hungarian woman who’s taking (well, took, I guess – it ended today) Gareth Mason’s throwing class here told me to try a TuroRudi – a kind of Hungarian candy bar thing.  It’s a cylindrical chocolate shell filled with cream cheese or sour cream (?) and sugar filling.  You buy them in the refrigerated section, near the cheeses.  I guess everyone here loves them!  I’m not so sure I share that sentiment.  I bought one today and was only able to eat half.  But it was worth a try, right?  Also of note: rudi is apparently slang for something else.  I’ll leave that to your imagination.




One comment on “And then there was light

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks, Amy – keep posting…love hearing from and about you!
    xxx000, mom

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