A “Chit” List

Today I think I’ll take a page from my Grandma Dorie’s book and write a chit-chat list.  She sends hers weekly via email and organizes it by categories, ranking from “Least Interesting” to “Most Interesting.”  I’m pleased to say that my trip to Hungary made the list once, and it was toward the latter, not the former!  Here goes:

Least Interesting:

I did laundry today.

Sort of Interesting:

I got the dryer to work, once, which is apparently semi-miraculous.  I’m grateful that I’ll get to use a dry towel and sleep in dry pajamas on dry sheets tonight!

Hm.  I just re-read that and maybe it should be demoted a category.


Work in the studio is progressing nicely.  I put some saggers and one test “tile” casted from the Herund porcelain slip in a bisque today.  When I asked how to go about bisquing things yesterday, Klara, the technician, asked, “When do you want them done?”  I said, “Soon.”  Her response was, “Why soon?  You have three whole months!”  Ha!

My molds are also almost done.  I’m going to finish cleaning them up today and then dry them out overnight in the awesome dry boxes here.  The ICS has definitely got UMD beat on that piece of equipment.

Most interesting: 

Please regard what I ate for lunch today.


$0.80 Chocolate-filled croissant from the bakery across the street. Mmm mmm mmm. It was about as big as my face. I was going to share but then... I didn't.

Tomorrow Meredith and I are going to go check out the flea market downtown.  I guess they have tons of stuff you can’t find anywhere else in the world (crazy cold-war era-ish).  I don’t plan to buy a whole lot, but I’m looking forward to looking!  Meredith advised me to bring lots of change and small bills so the vendors don’t think I’m a rich American and jack the prices up.  I have a feeling that my accent on the 7 Hungarian words I know might give me away anyway, though.  🙂  Regardless, it’s probably good advice to follow.

After that, my molds should be dry, so I’m going to start casting away!!  I’m excited!  I had a conversation yesterday with Ilona about the Herund slip and she said that in the factory they normally fire to cone 14 (Non-ceramics people, this is about 2523*F.  I’m not sure what the color inside the kiln would be at that point, but I’d assume it’s brilliantly white).  Anyway, all of her slabs in the last firing (to cone 11, or 2399*F) warped pretty badly.  She thought that maybe the firing was too fast, which affects the amount of heat work done to each piece.  Long story short – the porcelain didn’t get hot enough for the glass-forming portion to melt fully and relax the pieces down to a flat state on the shelves.  I’m a little worried about how mine will turn out, because I haven’t taken any of the precautions she takes with her work in order to get her pieces flat.  Not much to do about it right now though!  TTFN.

PS I would be eternally grateful for some responses, no matter how small, to my last post!  Thank you!


7 comments on “A “Chit” List

  1. Dear Amy Skillet, once I ate a cream puff from Mike’s bakery that was also as big as my face. It was a bad idea because it made me sick. But I hope this was not so for you. Yum. 80 cents? I will take it.Isnt that like a bazillion cents in Hungary? Anywho, glad you’re making friends. I envy the crap out of you on that flea market thing. Wear your worst outfit so you look poor and ill-clad. That should get you a discount. also, pretend to be mute. that way they don’t know youre american and also you should smile blankly a lot. Works pretty good for me anyway. We miss you! I almost cried when they called your name in class on Tuesday. Then, I did cry later. not cute. But anyway, thesis review phase II went well. There will be costumes involved, Kate gave me the idea. Super sweet. Anywho, I will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amyuthus says:

      I almost cried reading about you almost crying! 😦
      I didn’t bring any super nice clothes so it won’t be hard to look like a bum tomorrow! And I have lots of practice pretending to be mute and deaf from going to the grocery store because the cashiers are so scary here that I’m always terrified to try talking to them. I did say “kasanam” (not spelled correctly, sorry) to one today and she nodded at me. It was a vast improvement over my previous experiences there.

  2. Jen says:


  3. Jackie says:

    Amy, I had read about unfriendly and wary Hungarians, but decided not to say anything to you before you left – so you could make up your own mind. Smile and win them all over! Talk to you on Sunday from Jen’s! love ,mom

  4. Charlotte says:

    Dear Amy, the image of a chocolate croissant as big as your face is an excellent recommendation for studying abroad! Love your thoughts and the idea of the chit-chat list is something that I’m going to try to adopt…..after a bit more coffee. It is early, and quite chilly 34 degrees up here in Maine, water flat flat flat (here for the weekend)…..Charlotte

    • amyuthus says:

      Charlotte, It’s supposed to be 30-something degrees here today too (Celsius)! 🙂 Quite a few people have told me that they like the idea of a chit-chat list. You all can thank my Grandma Dorie! It’s pretty great that she sends one out every week!

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