Kites in the Cornfield

Here I sit, surrounded by thesis papers, notebooks, and research texts, with my watch tick-tick-ticking away in the pocket of my black fleece.  I just finished Skype-ing (Skyping?) with my mom and dad, my oldest sister, and two of my nieces.  Before that, I spent a solid 8 hours reading, writing, and researching.  I got about four pages of single-spaced text tapped out and sent to the professor who’s overseeing my writing.  I hope some of it’s usable!

It was really fun to see my family (part of it, anyway!) tonight.  I heard all about Sunday school; then kite flying and how kites escaped to the cornfields and the roof, only to be rescued, along with their support rods, which were found in the ‘gwass;’ I saw an American girl doll and several accessories, of which my eldest niece is the proud new owner; her younger sister had on a fancy new dress from Grandma, but no, it was not a princess dress; my nephew was in the midst of tantrum when the call started – he was promptly sent to bed, where it appeared another peep was not made.

Noses were picked, screen to screen; oreo-esque cookies were fed from Hungary to Minnesota, where they were promptly “gobbled up.”  I was asked what I had for supper, and when I responded ‘cookies,’ there was a quick moment of silence.  I asked: but guess what else I have here to eat?  My niece’s response: Something good for you.  Nope!  Try again – it was a bar of chocolate.

Tomorrow my saggers will be out of the bisque, as well as one test tile cast in Herund porcelain.  I have 12 tiles waiting, so I hope to find some sawdust to fill the saggers and a partner to help fill the smallest gas kiln.

Maybe this will be the Week of the Pen Store.  Only time will tell!  Dun dun dunn.  Off to eat some real food!