Saggers and Sickness

Hello everybody,

So I took the day off from blogging yesterday because I was too tired to write before I went to bed.  Yesterday was a busy day – it got off to a great start when I opened my test kiln and looked at the results of my saggers in the morning.  I’m really pleased!  Here’s a picture:

Amy Uthus ICS porcelain sagger tests

Porcelain sagger tests

More on Facebook (I don’t think you have to sign in to look at this page, being that it’s set up as a “celebrity” page… hee hee!):

After that, I took pictures and put them online for my committee back at home to look at, then I made some more saggers so I can fill the smallest gas kiln here, since nobody wants to fire with me 😦  J/K, J/K.  I totally understand why they don’t want their porcelain in a smokey firing.  🙂

Then I went to an “English Club,” for people who get together every week to speak English.  It’s held in a community youth center.  The people there were super nice, bless their hearts, but I don’t know if I want to go back.  Part of me feels like I should, because I was almost painfully aware that they want to have a native English-speaker included, but the other part of me really wants to spend my time doing other things.  Like making work and writing my thesis report.  So we’ll see.  I’ll probably try it one more time.  It also costs money, which I’m not nuts about.

I wasn’t feeling too hot all day, and it got worse before I went to bed.  I thought I’d sleep it off, but then I didn’t really sleep. My stomach and my head hurt too badly.  So, getting up this morning and going to class with the Hungarian students (they have once weekly meetings with their professor) was a bit of a challenge.  I took some Tylenol, gasx (TMI?  Sorry), contemplated pepto-bismol but ultimately decided against it, made a hot cup of tea, and sat down to listen to two hours of solid Hungarian, broken up by two or three sentences in English.  Yes.  I mean, igen.

I hope tomorrow is better!