Green Apple Games

Today Merci (Hungarian student, very nice person) gave me some fruit she’d purchased at the farmer’s market downtown. (Grapes and an apple.) I tried to learn how to say the word for grapes and I finally succeeded, after about 35 attempts. I promised to remember it for tomorrow, as we’re going to do one word per day. But I’ve ready forgotten. I don’t even remember what letter it starts with! How lame is that??

Anyways, after that failure came a success. I twisted them stem off my apple, listing letters as I went (playing the game where you supposedly find the first letter of your love’s name when it breaks off). Merci and Betty loved this idea! Apparently in Hungary you count the number of times you spin the apple: if it’s odd, you have a boy apple, even means a girl. They liked the American version better. So do I! 🙂

Studio news: My saggers came out of the bisque today. They all survived so I’m glad about that. They’re not my most favorite things to make and I didn’t want to have to redo any of them. Here they are. (The ones square to the camera are “old” – they’ve already been high-fired. The others will shrink so that stack will fit together nicely.)


I’ve been making tiles all day. Here’s a shot of some of them. I can’t figure out why some remain perfectly flat while others curl. That’s about it!



3 comments on “Green Apple Games

  1. Jackie says:

    So what is the first letter of your future love’s name??? You need to tell all, when you tell a little! Try writing the new Hungarian word down phonetically so you can go back and repeat it…use one of your new pens and put it backwards on your forehead, da Vinci style, so you have to go look in a mirror and say nice things to the nice girl. Love you almost birthday girl! Mom

  2. Greg says:

    Hey Amy!
    The typical response from a chef when things do not cook properly, is a problem with
    the application of heat.
    Anyway, love reading about your experiences.
    It must be so nice to have a new perspective!


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