Here are some pictures from the weekend!  It’s Johanna’s birthday today.  She and Rebecca had a party yesterday at their apartment with several international students.  Johanna’s from Finland and Rebecca’s from Ireland.  Have I said that before?  Sorry.  They’re both here through the Erasmus Programme.  Anyway, Johanna graciously invited me to celebrate with her 🙂

Birthday girls

Me, Johanna, cake by Johanna (the # is the total of our years - 28 & 24)

Earlier in the day, Meredith and I walked to what’s proving to be an elusive thrift store – It was closed again, this time due to their changing out the stock.  (We only know this because a young Hungarian guy took pity on us standing confusedly next to the locked door and translated the sign for us.)  So, we went for birthday cake and ice cream instead.  Yum!  These nicely sized cubes of heavenliness cost between $0.70 and $1.16.

Birthday cake - it was custard-y deliciousness! Thanks, Meredith!

birthday treats

Birthday cake and ice cream with Meredith