A Suspicious-looking Pile


Where are you and what are you doing?  I’m waiting for pictures from this morning (unloading the kiln) to upload to flickr.  It’s taking FOREVER!  Does anyone know how to make it faster?  I don’t really understand that site very well.

Anyway, the kiln was a success and I’m signed up to load it again on Monday.  It’ll get fired on Tuesday even though I’m leaving for America that day.  That sounds so romantic or adventurous or something, “leaving for America,” doesn’t it?  It has a nice ring to it.  🙂  I’m going back for a few days for my friends’ wedding (Lauren and Stefan).  It’s going to be so fun!  I’m really looking forward to seeing them get hitched.  They have lots of activities planned for the weekend, before and after the wedding ceremony.  So, it’ll be a whirlwind, I think, but that’ll be exciting.  Plus, Lauren asked me what I’d like to eat after she picks me up from the airport and I said, “chicken,” and she said, “Let me guess, not fried and no sour cream.”  Right on the money!

The best part of my day so far (in addition to the good firing) has been receiving a belated birthday package in the mail.  The package contained a few different things, including a very suspicious unlabeled photo of a small pile lying on some carpet in the sunshine, which I think might be related to toilet-training a small child… let your imagination run wild on this one, and I think you’ll be correct…

Flickr is still only 51% finished, so I’ll put a few of my own photos here for you.  I’d love to hear what you think!  I think I fixed it so you can comment on here without entering your personal information.  (I still moderate comments before they’re published though; I get a lot of spam comments on dog-training, for whatever reason.)


Here's the kiln after firing, waiting for the saggers to cool enough to pull them out. Since heat rises and the tiles are so thin, I was able to take 17/20 of the white tiles from the shelves below while waiting.

slip casting

One of the white tiles I pulled out from the bottom of the kiln.

sagger firing porcelain

One of the saggers, right after opening it (you can barely see the tile where it's hidden under the burned sawdust)

black porcelain

a black tile, view 1

black porcelain

same black tile, different angle to the light

acorn sagger firing

experiment with acorns on top of the tile, sawdust beneath (with notes to myself)

More pictures on my facebook page.


One comment on “A Suspicious-looking Pile

  1. Jackie says:

    NIce work, Amy…excited to see the finished installation piece! love, mom

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