It is raining and I am eating hot tamales.

I don’t quite feel up to trying to top yesterday’s post!  So, today I’ll use pictures:

Sertoma Camp, NC

Harness butt show-offs at the high ropes course before Lauren and Stefan's wedding.

Lauren and Stefan

Lauren and Stefan's first dance at their reception. So cute!


The hot boyfriend I picked up at the wedding.

junk food

Yes. I did send all my clothes back to MA with the newlyweds and pack my entire suitcase with American food. No more sour cream for this lady! TSA did inspect the suitcase (notice the notice). Strangely enough, they didn't inspect it on the way into the country, when it contained two bags of dried porcelain, busted up into small chunks and dry white powder.


The only good candy I've found over here so far.

cleaning porcelain

Sitting on my "breakfast bench" (where I like to sit in the sun and eat chocolate-filled croissants as large as my face), sanding one of my porcelain tiles.

poisonous smoke

A raku workshop fired their pieces today. I stink like smoke now and am glad I was wearing my mask all day for the dust from sanding; hopefully it kept some of this stuff out of my lungs too.

black porcelain

The installation sort of laid out. I have another kiln to unload tomorrow and I'm planning to mix some of the grey and the white tiles so there's a less definitive line.