Flea Market, Revisited (with pictures this time!)


Peter making soup for everyone at the ICS with a "hearth" made of kiln shelves, a spit (?) made of table legs, and fire fueled by wood for stoking the wood kilns. It was delicious. And no, I did not add the ever-present sour cream.

So I went back to the flea market today for 2 hours with Meredith and Astrid (a Norwegian artist).  There was more stuff this time.  I didn’t even know it was possible!  The place is great; most vendors are really friendly and have a good sense of humor.  I thought pictures would be more interesting than a written list of the stuff I saw this time.

baby birds

Chicks for sale at the flea market in Kecskemet.

stuff for sale

good stuff

furniture for sale

Astrid (Norwegian artist) testing out some furniture for sale at the flea market. It's kind of amazing that the vendors haul all of this stuff in and out every single Saturday.


Do you need a unicycle? It's missing a pedal, but you could probably find one a few vendors down the line!

more junk for sale

More junk. This guy looked a bit like Chris Gustin, I thought. Hee hee!


A nice display of coffee, nutella, and the like...


Stockings for sale!

electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes. This place also sold perfume and a lot of "name brand" athletic clothes. It seems like most people in Hungary smoke. I think I made this seller kind of angry when I took this picture. She got a tish animated and started talking and gesturing to me. Too bad I had no idea what she was saying.

pigeon off

Why not buy a guitar, some Pigeon-free, a figurine or two, old needlepoint, or some glassware...? Get all your Christmas shopping done in one stop!

old teddy bear

Same seller as above, to the left...


looking down one of the rows


Sporting equipment. Last time, I saw lots of ski boots but no skis. This time I saw both.


You hardly see any children at the market - this is why! Can you imagine trying to drag a kid past all this stuff? I can hardly drag myself past all of it!

old car

I loved this car. The man would have sold it to me, too! Ha!


Two little cups I bought, for $1.38 (total). I think they might be pewter? Not sure, but I like them.


Meredith and Astrid with their flea market treasures! (alarm clock and tiny cast iron tub)


3 comments on “Flea Market, Revisited (with pictures this time!)

  1. Sara J says:

    Fun to see the stuff, Amy. Have fun skyping with dad tomorrow. Love you, mom

  2. Jen says:

    Wow! Lots of good stuff (to laugh at)! Did you buy anything? Will you please buy my birthday AND Christmas presents there? PLEASE! I would really like one of those amputated legs with a fishnet stocking on it. Thank you.

  3. amyuthus says:

    Yeah, there’s lots of stuff to dig through, and I did buy a few gifts there today… MuWah Ha Ha!!! No, seriously, there is some good stuff if you’re patient enough to paw through the piles.

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