Velcro Magnets

The biggest news today: I cleaned my room this morning.  And by cleaned, I mean de-haired.  Apparently I shed.  A lot.  Gross.  But maybe now I won’t have to yank hairballs off of my wool socks before washing them.  They were like velcro hair magnets every time I walked around in there without shoes.  Yum, yum.  I was going to take a picture of the dustpan contents but decided to spare you.  Lucky you!

Moving on…

I had my review last night.  It was nice to talk with my whole committee but I was sad because the video from their end didn’t work, so I couldn’t see their faces.  It’s hard to know what they thought of the piece since they only saw it from photographs.  I feel like it went well though.

And lastly…

I’ve been meaning to write this funny little incident down for a while now but keep forgetting.  When I first got here, one of the ladies in the studio said, “Oh, you’re so tall you could be a mannequin!”   Ha!


Is there anything in particular anyone wants me to write about this weekend?