ICS installation: Round 2

Before I went to Istanbul I took some pictures of my installation hanging a different way.  [Click here to see the first version.  It opens in a new window.]  It’s a good thing I took them because when I went downstairs this morning Peter asked me, “Have you heard the bad news?”  A million things ran through my mind, including the thought that the studio was closing and I’d have to go home.  But it wasn’t that.  Someone was working on the floor underneath my piece while I was gone.  They forgot about the installation above their head and stood up, breaking most of the white tiles in the process.  So tonight I’m going to remake those tiles and they’ll get fired tomorrow (for free, which is nice).  But anyway, here are the pictures.

This far you may come (II)


side detail


detail, standing underneath

Next post: Istanbul, day 1….


3 comments on “ICS installation: Round 2

  1. kate says:

    amy!! i love this orientation of the piece! it seems a lot more ethereal to me, which is always how i feel when i look at your work. i wanna hear about istanbul!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    So cool, Amy, but so sad that you have to do it over. But so nice it isn’t costing you the price of another firing! Love the photos! Love you, too! MOM

  3. This is very strange. it’s like super man tile. I think a cone shape would benefit you and add, well, more dimension (get it? it would be three dimensional…) anyway, this is exciting. our thesis show is going to be baller. We should run away from star store though and show in a vacant space…. it would be super white. that abandoned hot dog and pizza place could be interesting…

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