Save the International Ceramics Studio

The International Ceramics Studio in Hungary is under fire.  Because of their success, they’re being forced to “save” other (non-ceramic) drowning institutions.  One way the government is planning to do this is to split up and SELL the ICS’s COLLECTION OF WORKS.  This makes me sick.  This is a one-of-a-kind collection, consisting of more than 3,000 pieces of ceramic art from artists on five continents.  You can view a listing of the artists here:
The other artists at the studio and I have been watching this all unfold since September.  The Studio’s founders have been fighting tooth and nail and not gaining ground.  They tried to prevent something like this from happening in the first place by setting up as a non-profit, but that’s been completely disregarded.  They need help, and we can give it to them — People are always saying, “Save the Arts!  Save the Arts!”  Well, ladies and gents, here’s your chance!  Sign the petition.  Here’s a direct link:
You do not have to have any former or present association with the studio to sign it, but if you need a more personal reason, I can tell you that this place has literally been my saving grace.  If you take 1 minute out of your day to sign it for no other reason than that, I truly appreciate it!
All you do is enter your name and email address, which is not sold and doesn’t sign you up for anything.  Here’s what signers are showing their agreement with:
“1. That the International Ceramics Studio should remain an artistically and financially independent organization.
2. That joining these financially unsound organizations to the studio can only be detrimental to the future working of the International Ceramics Studio.

3. That the Contemporary Ceramic Collection of the International Ceramics Studio should not be sold – but remain as an collection of international importance.”

After signing, a page will come up asking you to donate money to the petition’s website.  Don’t be scared like I was…  you don’t have to donate.  After you press “sign now,” your signature has been recorded and there’s nothing else to worry about.
Thank you in advance for helping a fantastic international arts organization.  Feel free to forward this post.

One comment on “Save the International Ceramics Studio

  1. […] small party for Janos Probstner, the former director and the man who founded the studio.  You can read more about these changes here. Janos serving his homemade plum […]

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