Sneak Peek

Here’s sneak peek of my latest piece:

I lied.  First you “get” to see what I wear to work on this installation (the room is very nice but unheated).  Hee hee!

Layer 1: wool socks, pink footless tights

Layer 2: wool long johns (purchased at thrift store for $1.50 - score!)

Layer 3: pink fuzzy wool leg warmers

Layer 4: lined wool pants (also found for $1.50)

tank, T, fleece zip-up, down vest, wool sweater, nylon jacket

Hat of Great Warmth, from my mom

Sometimes I wear this sweatshirt instead of the black fleece.

Aren’t you glad to know all that??  I thought so.  Especially that last one.  Ha!

So, now that you’re completely informed, I’ll go ahead and show you the piece.  I’m finishing up the lighting.  It’s been a struggle, but I’m pretty satisfied with where it’s going.  Hopefully I’ll complete it tomorrow afternoon and get the space cleaned up for some serious photographs on Sunday and Monday.

Okay, here’s the piece for real (part of it, anyway!):

Piece currently in progress at the ICS in Hungary.