Sitting in Sunshine

Well folks, I’m pleased to say that I made it to the Y four times last week.  It felt really nice.  But I ran for the first time in who knows how long on Friday and judging by the state of my calves this morning I think:

1) I need new shoes.

2) I need to run more often.  Ouch.

In other news, I’m giving a presentation on my time in Hungary on Tuesday afternoon.  I haven’t started putting it together yet.  Unless you count looking at pictures and watching video, which I’m going to go ahead and say is countable because:

1) I have to refresh my memory.  Maybe I should go back and re-read my posts too…  hmm.

2) It’s a slideshow so I have to show pictures, so I have to look at all the options first, right?  🙂

Apparently this is going to be a post full of numbered lists.  So, let’s continue the trend by showing two happy things in my studio.  Onward!

1) Four little molds sitting in the sunshine.  (Does that sound like the title of a kid’s song to anyone else?)  I made them last week to add to the two I had already made- they’ll be used to re-make my column piece, to be installed for the MFA show (opening April 7th – are you coming??).  I’m hoping that the wire I ordered to hang the piece will be here tomorrow, so I can get crackin’ on it.  I need to see the diameter of the wire (I’m having a hard time visualizing how thick 0.018″ is…) so I know how big to drill the holes, and the holes have to be drilled while the piece is leather hard or else they crack the edges.  So I’m in a holding pattern there.  My goal is to have all the “leaves” finished (fired and all) in less than two weeks, once I get started.

I’m also going to use these molds to make my piece for the show we’re having in New York in the middle of February, arranged by our professor, Jim Lawton.  Thanks, Jim!  I think I can get those parts made, fired, and out of the kiln in three days.  I’m waiting on that one too, to figure out how I’m going to mount them on the wall.  I have a couple of meetings tomorrow to get some ideas on that.

The molds, chillaxin' in the sun.

Here is #2 happy studio thing:

2) My orchid, sent to me from my parents last year.  I love it!  This is the third time it’s bloomed, but it’s never had two shoots (?) with blossoms before.  Matt B. from the studio took care of it while I was in Hungary.  I don’t know what sort of magic he worked upon it, but I’m grateful!

So happy!

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The end!


5 comments on “Sitting in Sunshine

  1. Jackie says:

    Yes, God willing, we are coming and looking forward to the show, Amy! Stick with your exercise program – we were thinking of you today when we were dancing to Wii Dance 2! love, mom

  2. Amy,
    1. Yay for sunshine in the studio. There is nothing like sun streaming in while working the afternoon away in the studio.
    2. Yay for the show in New York. Enough said!
    3. Yip yip for the upcoming thesis show…this means that you are nearing the end of your “formal” education. Enough said!
    4. Yeah for your semester in Hungary and all that you gathered artistically, emotionally, texturally, and culturally. And double-yay for a life-altering experience outside of the graduate studio.
    5. And a final yippee for a Friday run- Saturday and Sunday off?!

    Amy, I am proud of all you have done! I cannot wait to see your thesis work and look forward to all the places you will go in the future!

  3. […] major project of the semester, in the kiln and ready to fire.  These particular pieces are for the show we’re having in NYC at the Thomas Hunter Projects in a couple of weeks.  If you’d like […]

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