On the Wall: UMassD MFA Ceramics @ the Thomas Hunter Projects, NYC

I had a nice scenic drive through Manhattan yesterday afternoon.  At least, I’d imagine it was probably scenic.  I didn’t actually do too much looking, because I was completely lost.  Five of us went down to Hunter College to install our show at the Thomas Hunter Project Space.  My car’s navigator, Tom, decided to ride back to New Bedford with Alia and Leslie so that he could stay and hang out in the city for a little longer, which was fine with me.  I wanted to get back to MA ASAP for a friend’s birthday party.  I thought I could make it back A-OK by going out of the city the same way we came in.  In hindsight, this was grandly delusional.  Even though I found the correct road, going north instead of south (which I was pretty proud of), I either missed the exit for I-95N or it just doesn’t exist going that direction.  I’m choosing to believe the latter!

After many angry yellow cab honks, a singular, brief attempt at using an atlas while driving (I don’t recommend), and a phone call to have someone else googlemap me out of the city, I came to the startling realization that all I had to do was turn on the GPS function of my cell phone.  I finally escaped the city’s clutches.  Free!  I thought gleefully.  And then I ran into traffic going 18mph in Connecticut.  Because it was (barely) snowing.  Needless to say, I missed the party 😦  But my friend was understanding, so that was good.

The first part of the day went much more smoothly, however.  I think we were all pretty happy with how the installing went. I’ll post some pics here of everyone’s work for those of you who can’t make it to the closing reception (which is going to be on Friday, the 24th from 6-7:30PM).  If you’re coming to the closing reception, you’ll need to check in at the main entrance to Hunter College on 68th and Lexington and get a visitor’s pass before trying to get past the security guards in the art building.  You’ll need a photo ID.

I’m pleased with how my piece turned out.  I think I’m going to make another version of it for the thesis show in April.  Below is a gallery, so if you click on an image, it’ll blow up larger and then you can navigate forward and backward using the arrows to the right and left of the image.


9 comments on “On the Wall: UMassD MFA Ceramics @ the Thomas Hunter Projects, NYC

  1. Jackie says:

    Super fun to see your work, Amy, it is lovely! And I’m glad you posted photos of the other work, too…thanks!

  2. Sara J says:

    Awesome work, as always, Amy! Wish I could see it in person!

  3. Kent says:

    Nice work Amy- always exciting to see what you are doing.
    – About Tom the navigator- maybe next time try Tom-Tom.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us who are too far away to go on New York adventures…

  5. Lauren says:

    Nice shelf! I see your adventures in the sculpture department paid off. This is nice! borrow my gps next time. Garmin is moody, but at least she knows where most things are. Great work!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amy – – we are super proud of the progress and recognition you continue to make in the world of art. Your hard work, determination and insight are attributes that barely describe who and what you are.

    How fun it would be to walk into our reception ! Not meant to be .

    We are proud of you and your many accomplishments. gram dorie

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love it, Amy!! I wish we could come and see it in person, it is awesome. -Elaina

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