No Can Do

UPDATE (March 21): This definitely did work!  It just needed more time.  It was moldy after about a week – it ended up being the same color as the bucket in which it resides.  I made 9 large panels with it, moved them all multiple times, and force dried them with no cracking.  Success!


So the Grand Yogurt Bacteria Experiment failed.  Here’s a picture:

Bucket with yogurt bacteria is on the left. Same color as non-bacteriacized slip after about 16 hours.

When I first opened the bucket, I thought I got a whiff of some nasty, but it dissipated before I could be certain.  I don’t really know why this amazing plan didn’t work.  It makes perfect sense in my mind!  I guess I did only use one starter packet though.  That’s how much is required to turn 1 qt of milk into yogurt, so maybe I just didn’t use enough.  Or maybe it needs more time.  That’s what I’m hoping.  I mixed the yogurt bucket in with the tub this evening and I’m hoping that in (a relatively short amount of) time it’ll brew quite nicely.


6 comments on “No Can Do

  1. two thoughts: give it more time. also maybe it’s not warm enough? the bacteria needs warmth to grow.

    what exactly are you trying to do with the bacteria? increase plasticity?

  2. ALSO! when i use wallpaper paste in my slip is turns evil nasty black after a while. but it does take a while.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Time for sure, Amy…maybe you should put yeast in there and then you could let it rise and it will double!

  4. Dad says:

    Maybe you need to add some sugar. The culture needs a food supply.

  5. amyuthus says:

    Thanks for the ideas, people! Someone else wrote on my facebook page that maybe the bacteria in the yogurt ate the bad bacteria in the slip. Does this sound reasonable to you? I don’t really know the difference between all the different kinds of bacteria.
    @ Bethany: Moldy slip seemed to help the drying process with large panels in the past, but the panel I cast last night actually has no cracks at all today, and it’s almost totally dry. So maybe I don’t need mold after all…
    Oh, the mysteries of ceramics…

  6. […] you to everyone who gave them to me!  They were beautiful, and as a bonus, they eradicated the moldy slip scent from my studio. […]

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