1500 – final day

It was another scorcher here today.  The show finished up strongly – we stayed open for an extra hour to allow more people to walk through.  We had a little over 900 people visit over 3 days.  Pretty great!  After taking down our pieces and visiting the alpacas (strange, strange looking creatures!), Abbie and I drove to Lake Loveland and jumped in fully clothed.  It was wonderful!  We realized we haven’t been cold in a long time.  It felt nice.

Here are today’s pictures – the final set – of 1500 (and a couple others as well).  Tomorrow I’ll write a longer post about the show and do a special blog thanking the backers of the Kickstarter project who helped bring me here.  Backers will also be able to vote on one of three selected images from the show that will be turned into “I support the arts” magnets.  Good night!

Here’s a refresher of what the piece looked like on Friday evening:

1500, Friday: 6pm.


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