Copenhagen, Christiania, and Louisiana

Hopefully I’ll be able to add some text to all of these pictures one day… 🙂

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I will say this: people in Denmark like to ride bicycles. A lot.

Kiln Update

Today’s post was going to be about my recent excursions to Copenhagen and Louisiana, but my kiln is ready to be unloaded, so I’m going to go do that instead!

I used every available shelf for this kiln. Then I used shelves for the wood kiln. There ended up being about 1/2 cone difference between the top and bottom.

Checking the translucency!

Unglazed cup


Another cup – view 1

view 2


view 3

Here’s a preview for tomorrow’s post:

For my Dad

I was in a grocery store in Copenhagen this evening. Wandering aimlessly down the beverage aisle, I found myself idly wondering if they carried Kozel. Right at that instant I looked up, and there it was! I was shocked. I’ve looked for it everywhere since last winter, when I was in Prague with my mom and dad. We had it there and we all liked it. And then we couldn’t find it anywhere else. I’ve looked on the East Coast and in Spain, France, and Skaelskor – my dad has looked all over in ND. So, I bought a couple and I’m going to save them for special occasions. I don’t know what those occasions will be, but I’m looking forward to them!