21 word-for-word search terms that have led people to this blog

  1. Viagra, move over. Pomegranate’s here
  2. How do you count the times you spin an apple stem
  3. Kitchen elf
  4. Creeper and chicken
  5. Veritas cup
  6. Handel’s Messiah example
  7. Porchagese [sic] millipede
  8. What creepy crawler hides in bathroom
  9. Turkish airlines food
  10. Pink architecture
  11. Hot red wine when sick
  12. How to make worry stones on the potter’s wheel
  13. Ceramics firing pepto bismol on pottery examples [Eww, right? But my curiosity is piqued, and now I kinda want to try it…]
  14. Best baklava in Istanbul
  15. Hungarian women
  16. Where’s front row Amy
  17. She lounging in wool socks
  18. Layers of long johns
  19. Amy Uthus as a child [Is this weird to anyone else?]
  20. Late night adventure ideas [This makes me feel like I’m an exciting person!]

And my personal favorite… 

21. Washed my hair and a moth flew out


2 comments on “21 word-for-word search terms that have led people to this blog

  1. b rusen says:

    this is all vaguely creepy.

    in terms of pepto – we did a whole bunch of glaze tests in undergrad on non-glaze household materials. pepto was one of them, some very interesting results!

    • amyuthus says:

      I think most of them are pretty funny, and I can think of the exact post that would have prompted my blog to come up as a hit for each search term/phrase. But I agree with the creepy as well; I didn’t put the creepiest one up – a search that was repeated 18 times one day and twice the next… sometimes the internet is a scary place!
      Gross on the pepto. I’m totally trying it.

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