One Lovely Blog Award

I’m more than a little behind on my blog, but a few weeks ago art does matter kindly nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” Thank you, Patricia, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this! Patricia is a metalsmith and jeweler living in Philadelphia. One of her recent posts was about the annual Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. It was fun to read the paragraph she wrote on a piece made by my former classmate, Erik Wilhelmsen.

The rules of accepting this award are pretty simple to follow. First, you must thank the person who nominated you; secondly, tell seven random things about yourself; then nominate up to fifteen other bloggers for this award, and let them know you’ve nominated them.

Okay, here are my seven things:

1. When I was 6, my dream was to become Cinderella.

2. My friend Lauren says I eat like a kindergartner. She’s right; I eat a lot of pb & j, mac & cheese, carrot sticks, string cheese, and I drink copious amounts of whole milk.

3. I have also been known to drink glasses of half and half as well as heavy cream.

4. My parents used to give me candy to keep me quiet on long car trips… now, although I still love sugar, I’m in the process of giving it up (any and all refined sugar).

5. The first alcoholic beverage I drank was when I was 23, and it was a blue raspberry martini.

6. I think if my undergraduate program had had a small metals department I would have ended up a jeweler rather than a ceramist.

7. I’m more excited than you can imagine to be living west of the Mississippi River again!

I must be hungry or something – most of those were food-related. 🙂

Here are the blogs I’d like to nominate for this award….

Still Stubborn: A blog about two newlyweds who are currently living abroad in Sweden.

The Life and Times of Lauren deSerres-Kelischek Adventures and projects in the life of a North Carolina-based artist.

Found.Text Looking for words in unexpected places.

Camelhairandhoney: Fiber and food – a tactile exploration of the clothes we wear and the food we eat.

As EYE See: Beautiful photography, musings on life.

Bolt Ceramics: Elegant, narrative ceramic vessels.


6 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Amy, thank you for the wonderful mention, and I really enjoyed reading your seven things! I’ve just wrapped up a weekend of showing Philadelphia and New Jersey to two lovely friends visiting from Denmark, so all the info about your experiences and photos from there were great info for me. Enjoying your blog lots, and I’ll check out some of your nominees now!

  2. yirsa says:

    Amy, As I sit and read this, I am also eating a tasty nectarine topped with extremely thick cream (think mayo) from my lovely generous cow, April. You would LOVE it!
    And, yes, you deserve a blog award!!!

    • amyuthus says:

      That sounds AMAZING, Brenda!! I wish I could join you! I’ve actually been meaning to ask you a question… I’ve been reading a bit about processed dairy and health problems and am thinking I might start cutting back on my milk intake next, after the sugar (but only milk, I don’t think I could live without yogurt and cheese and cream). I wish I knew someone here I could get raw milk from. At any rate, I don’t know if it would be helpful to just cut back significantly on the milk, or if processed dairy needs to be eliminated altogether. I usually drink up to 2 gallons of milk a week. It seems like eliminating that might help? What do you think?

      • yirsa says:

        The first book I read to wake me up to all this was “Real Food” by Nina Planck. Check it out. That led me to which can lead you many more places. “The Untold Story of Milk” was the next enlightening book I read…VERY good and last of all, you should look into the book “Nourishing Traditions” which is an encyclopedia of nutrition info and recipes leaving new fangled processed food behind where it belongs. The real milk site will list places you can get raw milk if it is available. Persistence is the key if you really want it though. Of course, you could get your own cow. lol
        If you are going to Tyler’s wedding, I could bring you some for fun. If kept cold and out of too much light exposure it will keep quite well for up to 10 days and more according to some.
        Oh..I just thought of this website for those who would rather just use internet info. I recently found it but seems quite interesting.
        Sorry to ramble. Was also going to say that at least you are drinking whole milk. Of the pasteurized products that is the best, supposedly. When one learns about skim milk, one cringes.

      • amyuthus says:

        Thanks for all the info, Brenda!! And right now I’m planning to go to the wedding…

  3. Thanks so much for the props, Amy! I finally figured out how to reply. Now I need a snack too!

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