Country Music on my Radio

I’ve decided I like Iowa. Why? Well, the people are nice, it’s clean, it’s warm, I feel safe, and country music is readily available on the radio. I recently drove home to ND (up I-29, which meant I traveled about 600 miles and only turned my steering wheel 7 times, door-to-door). Here’s what happened when I hit “scan” on my radio:

Public radio – talk.

Public radio – music.

Adele/Justin Bieber/a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of.





Country Classics.


Country in the AM/High school sports coverage in the PM.

Classic Rock.

Country/Ag News.


This is not what the radio sounds like on the East Coast. As I drove here from MA, I could tell how close I was getting by the ever-increasing number of country stations. It was a sweet, sweet feeling. Ahh, nostalgia… but also…

Finally, I could sing along without having to periodically make sounds like a porn star. Or sing about jumping on some guy’s “pogo stick.” Or… you get the idea. Call me a prude, but it’s refreshing to be able to sing and not feel dirty. I readily admit to watching True Blood, which isn’t any better than a lot of the other music out there, but for some reason, watching a TV show doesn’t get under my skin like singing along to the radio often does.

At any rate, since I’m feeling more at home, I thought I’d attach pictures of my tiny tiny home, since some of you have been pestering! ❤

My studio. South-facing window! Love!

Awesome table built by John.


Three-year-old Twinkie from Lauren. A reminder of grad school that I shall forever cherish. Seriously, though, it’s going to hang in my studio until I die.

My apartment.









3 comments on “Country Music on my Radio

  1. dear amy,
    at last we can see your little apartment! How delightful. I’m glad the twinkie has survived the journey into the center of the country. with country stations to serenade the two of you into your new home. I hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving. I miss you and will send you something obnoxious soon.

  2. b rusen says:

    tiny cute batchelorette pad! i should show you pictures of my favorite bachelorette pad. tiny apartments are the best.

  3. kate says:

    Your apt. is adorable and i’m glad you’re all settled in. though my love i was a little confused i’ve been listening to east coast radio all my life and have never had to make a sound like a porn star when i sing along haha. but i’m glad you’re getting you’re fill of country… 🙂

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