Sentinel no. 5

It’s been really hot and humid here in central Iowa the past week or so. Combine that with 4-6 large electric kilns firing continuously to approximately 1940*F for three weeks straight. Then remove air conditioning, and you have a recipe for my not wanting to spend much time in the studio. (My space is next to all the electric kilns – a plus in the winter and a minus in the summer.) This weekend, the ambient temperature reading for the inside of my tiny test kiln was 98*! (The kiln was not firing.) Yuck!

But my 2-year Artist in Residence position is coming to a close on the 31st and I have stuff I want to get done. So, I’ve been sweatin’ up a storm and taking (self-mandated) mandatory water breaks to go up to the AC’ed office and stink it up sit for a few minutes. It seems to be working. I almost feel like I’ve gotten used to existing surrounded by a hot wet blanket. It’s so cozy! And, there’s absolutely no need for lotion on these legs!

At any rate, here’s a piece that came out of the gas kiln this weekend. I fired it upside-down, after filling it with sawdust and newspaper. It was one of the Sentinel pieces that I didn’t get done in time for my show earlier this summer at Viaduct Gallery. I’m really happy with it! It still needs a little cleaning on the inside, but I’m pretty excited about it “as is,” so I’ve decided to show you some pics before it’s finished. I’d love to hear what you think! Click on one of the images to open a nice big photo viewer. WordPress tells me when people click on them, so DO IT! They look much nicer large 🙂


One comment on “Sentinel no. 5

  1. ldeserres says:

    Those pieces and photos are so big and luxurious! I think they’re great. I guess you’re living the life of humidity up there just like we are down here. So moist. So hot. Hope you stay hydrated!

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