Country Music on my Radio

I’ve decided I like Iowa. Why? Well, the people are nice, it’s clean, it’s warm, I feel safe, and country music is readily available on the radio. I recently drove home to ND (up I-29, which meant I traveled about 600 miles and only turned my steering wheel 7 times, door-to-door). Here’s what happened when I hit “scan” on my radio:

Public radio – talk.

Public radio – music.

Adele/Justin Bieber/a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of.





Country Classics.


Country in the AM/High school sports coverage in the PM.

Classic Rock.

Country/Ag News.


This is not what the radio sounds like on the East Coast. As I drove here from MA, I could tell how close I was getting by the ever-increasing number of country stations. It was a sweet, sweet feeling. Ahh, nostalgia… but also…

Finally, I could sing along without having to periodically make sounds like a porn star. Or sing about jumping on some guy’s “pogo stick.” Or… you get the idea. Call me a prude, but it’s refreshing to be able to sing and not feel dirty. I readily admit to watching True Blood, which isn’t any better than a lot of the other music out there, but for some reason, watching a TV show doesn’t get under my skin like singing along to the radio often does.

At any rate, since I’m feeling more at home, I thought I’d attach pictures of my tiny tiny home, since some of you have been pestering! ❤

My studio. South-facing window! Love!

Awesome table built by John.


Three-year-old Twinkie from Lauren. A reminder of grad school that I shall forever cherish. Seriously, though, it’s going to hang in my studio until I die.

My apartment.