Images from my project in Denmark

Here are some images of the installation I made in Denmark, for those of you who have been waiting patiently!

The inspiration for this piece was Spanish moss. Overall, I was pretty happy with it, considering this was the first time I’ve installed outdoors. I definitely learned a lot with this piece! The materials I used are slipcast porcelain (fired to Orton cone 11), fishing line, and light. Click on the little images to open a bigger picture viewer.

“Put a 10DKK coin in the slut”

FYI… It’s been a while since I last posted, so this post is going to be a lot of random things thrown together.

Okey dokey. For some reason, I’m still able to access a US-based VPN despite my being in Denmark. I’m a regular/certified member of this particular VPN, but until recently, I didn’t know I could access it outside the US. At any rate, it must do something to my IP address, because I discovered that when I logged in to the network, I could watch the Olympics online. NBC’s coverage was a little strange (I didn’t know there were only four women’s gymnastics teams in the entire world!), but it was nice to watch a bit of the Games every now and then.

I hooked my computer up to a projector one night so other people could watch too – here’s a picture of Christin trying to point her toes like the synchronized swimmers. We all agreed that those women (who are very talented!) have semi-frightening feet.

The Olympics have somewhat inspired me to start working out again (my other inspiration is insomnia). I didn’t bring any running shoes, so I’ve been doing some barefoot sprints in the park behind the studio. It’s a nice place to run. I always make sure to scout my running line in shoes before getting started, though. (Think: park + dogs + bare feet.)

Working out means sweaty clothes, which in turn means laundry. Here are the instructions for the washer and dryer at the studio. I laugh whenever I load them up…

The tile project is coming along, slowly but surely. As of this evening, I have 347/388 made and ready to go into the kiln. I think I can start loading tomorrow, which is a good thing because I’m out of storage space. I need to empty a few boards of them into the kiln so that I can reuse the boards to finish off the last few. Right now the kiln is filled with (cooling) work by a Danish artist named Susanna LastName?, who’s going to sell her mugs and plates at a big craft fair in Copenhagen this weekend. Masako and I are going to go check it out on Saturday. Want to come with us? Those are Susanna’s glazed but unfired mugs on the cart in the picture below.


Because I know you’re dying to see it, here’s a photo of one of the grocery stores. I usually ride a studio bike there, but if it’s not raining I try to get a little extra Vitamin D by walking instead.

This is how you leave your bike while shopping in Skaeskor. Coming from crime-ridden New Bedford, MA, the sight of all these unlocked bikes still blows my mind (in a good way).


I’ve been eyeing the fancy cheese in this store for the past 3 weeks, and today I finally broke down and bought some. Food is super expensive in Denmark, and some things are particularly, strangely expensive (for example, there’s a heavy sin tax on butter, but none on alcohol). I rationalized this purchase by noting that while definitely not cheap, Camembert and Brie are still less expensive here than they are in the US…

This snack was worth every penny!