Late Night Brilliant Idea… Maybe?

I’m going to be casting some large panels tomorrow.  (24-30″ wide by 60″ long)  I’ve been trying to encourage mold to grow in my slip for the past month just for this project, by leaving the bucket sealed next to the radiator.  I need it to be considerably more moldy and plastic than it is right now.  It’s not working.  [Plasticity refers to how bend-y the clay is; how far can I bend it when it’s wet before it splits apart?]  In my previous projects casting largish (24″ x 24″) panels, they dried with less warping and cracking and were a lot easier to transport into the kiln and  if they were cast from super stinky, moldy slip.  I’m talking porcelain slip that’s a definite dark gray, not the pretty cream or white that it is when it’s fresh.  Slip so moldy that other people on the other end of the studio open their windows and I work with dryer sheets stuffed up my nostrils.

Now you know my goal.  And I’ve told you I haven’t accomplished it yet.  And furthermore, I need this moldy awesomeness by tomorrow.  What is my brilliant idea, you ask?  Here it is: I dissolved a bunch of yogurt starter into some warm water.  And then I mixed that into a 5-gallon bucket of slip and put the whole thing next to the radiator.

Do you think it’ll work?  I hope so!  I really have no idea, though.  Stayed tuned….