Engagement Photos

It was chilly in Minnesota this weekend (although according to the Northerners it was “really nice”). I no longer consider myself a true northerner. As far as I’m concerned, Iowa is the South. It’s typically 20 degrees warmer there than in ND/MN in the winter. Pretty big difference.

Anywho. Kyle and I braved the elements to have our engagement pictures taken outdoors on Saturday, by one of my lovely and talented sisters, Jen. She did a great job and kept us (ok maybe mostly me – Kyle was a good sport but I think he thought we were a teeny bit crazy) laughing the whole time. Our shoot involved a couple of outfit changes. These took place in an abandoned farm outbuilding. I’m not sure what the building’s original purpose was, but I was grateful for the windbreak, rotten floors and all! Here are a few of my favorite pics Jen captured. Check out more of her work here.





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New Work!


I’ve been working hard on photographing a backlog of work from this summer. Here are a couple of finished images. I’m going to post a link on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Uthus-Artist/101902445002) when they’re all uploaded to my portfolio site. If you haven’t already “liked” my facebook page, doing so is the fastest way to stay up-to-date on all the latest news… and there are some big changes on the horizon!

Slip cast Dixie cup (sagger-fired porcelain), charred wood. 2014.

“Dixie”. Slip cast paper cup (sagger-fired porcelain), charred wood. 2014. Not yet for sale (is going to be entered in upcoming competitions.)

Untitled. Slip cast, sagger-fired porcelain and charred wood. 2014. $250.

Untitled. Slip cast, sagger-fired porcelain and charred wood. 2014. Not yet for sale.

"Impetus". Translucent porcelain boat (1 5/8"x 3/4"x 1/2"), charred wood. 2014. Not yet for sale.

“Impetus”. Translucent porcelain boat (1 5/8″x 3/4″x 1/2″), charred wood. 2014. Not yet for sale.

I was really hoping to get all the pictures done today, but I realized (after shooting all the pics, of course) that I had my white balance set incorrectly. So. I have to reshoot a bunch of them tomorrow morning, when the natural light comes back to my east-facing apartment. That means I get to live with this setup in my apartment for another night. Yippee!! 🙂

Stuff EVERYWHERE. Ugh. Clutter makes me feel like a crazy person!

Stuff EVERYWHERE. Ugh. Clutter makes me feel like a crazy person!

You’re Invited!



Large-scale ceramics and photography by Amy Uthus

Opening Reception: Friday, July 18, 2014: 7-10pm*
Gallery Talk: Monday, July 21, 2014: 6pm*

July 18-August 10 @ Viaduct Gallery
Des Moines Social Club
900 Mulberry Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Gallery Hours*
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

*All events are free!

KickStarter Project is Live!

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday to you all.  I’ve finished up my MFA (I think)… all my papers are signed, sealed and delivered to all of the right people, as far as I know.  Knock on wood!  Now I just need to clean out my studio, walk across the stage without crying, and then wait for my diploma to show up in the mail.  What a wonderful day that will be!

Until that day, and every day after, it’s on to bigger and better things.  🙂  I have two main projects on my plate this summer:

1) Glass Fiber Stone, a group show I was invited to be a part of, in Loveland, CO, and

2) An Artist-in-Residence position at Guldagergaard International Ceramics Research Center.

I’ve been working as much as I possibly can at the two jobs I have (workstudy for the Ceramics Dept., which ended yesterday), and catering for a lovely man named Greg.  However, it’s become quite clear to me that even with both of those jobs I’m not going to be able to cover the costs of these two career-boosting experiences.  So, after a good deal of thought, I’ve decided to start a KickStarter page.  I feel a little funny about doing it, but my projects are exactly what the site aims to help fund.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with KickStarter, it’s “a funding platform for creative projects.”  Anyone can start a page for their project.  What you do is this: you set a specific goal (mine is $1,067 – the cost of getting my piece and me to Loveland).  After setting your goal and publishing your page, you seek backers to pledge money toward that goal.  People can pledge any amount, starting at $1.  It’s important to note that it’s pledges, not donations.  If the goal isn’t met in the time allotted (my project has 29 days to succeed, beginning tonight!), none of the Backers who have pledged money are charged, and the project doesn’t receive any funding.  Backers are only charged if the project’s goal is totally met – meaning the project is strong enough to be completely backed.

If you’d like to check out my page, here’s a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/325571772/bring-1500-an-interactive-artwork-to-loveland-co.  I’d appreciate any help you’re willing to give, including non-pledge help like feedback on how to make the page stronger.  Thank you!

The project (titled 1500) will be comprised of 1,500 individual, handmade porcelain pieces like those shown below.  During the show, the public will be invited to take the pieces home with them.  As a result, the installation will constantly evolve as people interact with it.  Time lapse photography will be utilized, and my blog will be updated regularly with the changing images for the duration of the show.  This piece is an expansion of my thesis piece, Touch, which is partially based off my experiences in Istanbul at the Hagia Sophia, a 1,500 year-old structure.  You can read about Touch here and the Hagia Sophia here.

Amy Uthus Porcelain

Springtime Studio Flowers

Hello there!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Here we have some practice pictures (I’m trying to learn how to use a new camera), of the pretty flowers I was given at the MFA show reception.  Thank you to everyone who gave them to me!  They were beautiful, and as a bonus, they eradicated the moldy slip scent from my studio.  🙂

I keep telling you I’m going to write and post pictures about the opening, but these images are all that’s ready right now.  The rest of the pics are on the way, though (for real this time!).  I edited them tonight but have a few to reshoot… so perhaps they’ll be up on Monday or Tuesday.

With no further ado… some springtime pour vous…