Horchata Recipe

I got a hankering for some horchata yesterday. Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink, made with rice and cinnamon. Some recipes also call for milk. My ancestry is Scandinavian, so I didn’t know horchata’s refreshing deliciousness even existed until last summer, when I ordered it at a Mexican restaurant in Colorado, on the advice of friends I was dining with. It was love at first sip.

I’ve tried to make it a few times since then, almost always failing miserably. I think I finally got it figured out, though. I guess I like my horchata with more milk and vanilla than is typically used. This weekend, I started with a recipe from from allrecipes.com and made some adjustments to it based on my past experiences. Here is my final recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1 1/3 C. rice

2 C. water

3 cinnamon sticks

—-grind up rice, water, cinnamon in a blender—-

Add an additional 1 1/2 C. water. Let entire mixture sit in the fridge for 12 hours.

Next day: strain, add 1 C. whole milk, 1 C. cream, 1/4 C. agave nectar, 1 T. vanilla. Mix well. Serve over ice!

Horchata and stirfry... delicious lunch!

Horchata and stirfry… delicious lunch!


My Favorite Glaze Recipes for Porcelain Clay Bodies

Here are some of my favorite cone 10 glazes, collected over the past several years and condensed here for you. Test them before you use them.

Shaner Clear – Reduction or Oxidation

Kona F-4   120
Whiting   64
Dolomite   20
EPK   56
Flint   120
Zinc   20
(yes, I realize this does not add up to 100 – I still like it!)

Meloy White (I like this one in salt best; it blushes easily)

Dolomite   17.8
Whiting   3.2
Neph Sye   16.2
Custer   37.9
EPK   24.9

Yellow Salt

Neph Sye   63.9
Dolomite   21.1
Zircopax   16
OM4   4.3
Bentonite   0.4
Red Iron Oxide   1.0

Shaner Butter

Flint   26
Custer   36
Whiting   8
EPK   5
Gerst. Borate   13
Zinc Ox.   5
Talc   7
Rutile   2
Bentonite   2

Mark’s Sleet – Reduction

Custer   46
Whiting   34
EPK   20
VGum T   0.5%
Copper Carb.   2.0
Rutile   8.0

Haynes Satin – Reduction/Oxidation (mint green will go purple in reduction)

For white:
Whiting   8
Flint   30
Neph Sye   45
Talc   7
Dolomite 10
Bentonite 2
For mint green: 
add Copper Carb. 1.0%, fire in oxidation

1234 Celadon

EPK   10
Whiting   20
Flint   30
Custer   40
Yellow Ochre   2
Bentonite   2

These recipes are provided in faith that those who try them will perform proper tests before use. The author of this blog is not responsible in any way for failed clay bodies, glazes, slips, or anything else, regardless of where fault may lie.