One Lovely Blog Award

I’m more than a little behind on my blog, but a few weeks ago art does matter kindly nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” Thank you, Patricia, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this! Patricia is a metalsmith and jeweler living in Philadelphia. One of her recent posts was about the annual Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. It was fun to read the paragraph she wrote on a piece made by my former classmate, Erik Wilhelmsen.

The rules of accepting this award are pretty simple to follow. First, you must thank the person who nominated you; secondly, tell seven random things about yourself; then nominate up to fifteen other bloggers for this award, and let them know you’ve nominated them.

Okay, here are my seven things:

1. When I was 6, my dream was to become Cinderella.

2. My friend Lauren says I eat like a kindergartner. She’s right; I eat a lot of pb & j, mac & cheese, carrot sticks, string cheese, and I drink copious amounts of whole milk.

3. I have also been known to drink glasses of half and half as well as heavy cream.

4. My parents used to give me candy to keep me quiet on long car trips… now, although I still love sugar, I’m in the process of giving it up (any and all refined sugar).

5. The first alcoholic beverage I drank was when I was 23, and it was a blue raspberry martini.

6. I think if my undergraduate program had had a small metals department I would have ended up a jeweler rather than a ceramist.

7. I’m more excited than you can imagine to be living west of the Mississippi River again!

I must be hungry or something – most of those were food-related. 🙂

Here are the blogs I’d like to nominate for this award….

Still Stubborn: A blog about two newlyweds who are currently living abroad in Sweden.

The Life and Times of Lauren deSerres-Kelischek Adventures and projects in the life of a North Carolina-based artist.

Found.Text Looking for words in unexpected places.

Camelhairandhoney: Fiber and food – a tactile exploration of the clothes we wear and the food we eat.

As EYE See: Beautiful photography, musings on life.

Bolt Ceramics: Elegant, narrative ceramic vessels.


Front-row seats to a surprise concert, lasagna

Yesterday there was a random (to us) concert on Guldagergaard’s back lawn. I say it was random to us because most of us didn’t know what was happening. At about 2:00 I heard someone tuning a guitar as I worked in the studio. I brushed it off as a wandering music-maker. The Danes seem like a pretty happy bunch, so I thought maybe someone was just taking their guitar out for a Sunday stroll. The yard backs up to a park, so it didn’t seem like that much of a stretch, despite its close proximity. About five minutes later, I went into the kitchen and saw a bunch of old people sitting on the grass in lawn chairs and a little table where two women were selling coffee and cake. That seemed kind of strange.

Crowd on the lawn.

As it turns out, there’s a free concert at 2:30 on the first Sunday of each month. It just so happens that the concert is in Guldagergaard’s backyard (not the park). The organizers pull in different performers every time. I’m not sure of the name of the duet who played yesterday, but they were pretty good! They played a variety of songs, from Willie Nelson to John Denver to patriotic Danish classics and Simon and Garfunkel.

Because we live in the house, we got front row seats! I was really happy – I love live music, and this was a nice break in my day. I briefly felt a little guilty about sitting to watch the whole thing because everyone else eventually went back to their studios, but after asking myself, “how often am I going to get to see something like this?” I felt a lot better.

Here’s a shot of the Dynamic Danish Duo (as I’ve decided to name them), and two of my favorite characters in the crowd.

The Dynamic Danish Duo.

Great Beard.

Motorcycle Cowboy. He rode in, sat on his bike through most of the concert, then abruptly rode off into the sunset.

Click here to go to a short clip of the concert: hereherehereitis! (my facebook page)

Tonight was my night to cook again. I decided to try Kate Frazer-Rego‘s lasagna recipe. She assured me it would “bring marriage proposals.” Alas, there was none of that, but it did get gobbled up!



Thanks for the recipe, Kate!





Thanks, Kitchen Elf!

Last night during dinner we were talking about milk for some reason. I said something about how, when I’m at home, I drink gallons of whole milk each week, but if I could get away with it, I’d drink straight cream. This morning, I looked on my shelf in the fridge and there sat a little container of whipping cream! What a marvelous present from a mysterious kitchen elf! I’m currently enjoying it in some thick, delicious hot chocolate.


A Road Trip and a Robbery

To the person(s) who robbed my dad and me yesterday in broad daylight in a busy gas station:

There’s a small chance you might be reading this, because you got about 50 of my business cards when you smashed our van’s window and stole my backpack and my dad’s laptop in the 5 minutes it took us to use the bathrooms.  If you are:

Do the right thing and return our items to us.  My dad spent hours upon hours building his laptop up to what he needed it to be.  Please don’t force him redo all that work.  Who wants to do that?  Not me.  Probably not you either.  Perhaps you don’t even know what work is like, if you steal things to make your living.  Did you know that most of society frowns upon thievery?  Some even think it’s downright shameful.  I dare you to prove to me and to the others who are reading this post right now that you’re above that.

Mail his laptop to my home address.  I know you have it, because you took my driver’s license and passport along with my credit cards and new digital SLR camera.  FYI, I bought that camera with scholarship money I worked my butt off to earn.  But you can keep it.  It would be wonderful if you could remove the memory card and mail it to me with the laptop, though.  It has all the pictures of my first professional art show on it.  I need to have those pictures in my portfolio for future job and show applications.  I never got the chance to download them onto my computer.

So, if you could just stick those things in the mail, that would be super awesome.  Feel free to use the cash in my wallet to cover the postage.  While we’re on the subject – the wallet itself is kinda nice, huh?  I thought so too – unique but highly functional design, soft pretty leather… I bought it when I was in Norway with my Grandma, visiting her cousins.  It was my “splurge” item – my one expensive treat to myself to remember that special time.  I hope you get the same deep, clean joy out of using it that I did.

I look forward to checking the mail.

Thanks for your help,


Recap of Glass.Fiber.Stone

Glass.Fiber.Stone wrapped up yesterday afternoon.  It was a great experience, and I’m very grateful to have been invited to take part in it!  As a recent graduate of an MFA program, I was a little nervous about how this first professional experience would go.  However, it turned out there was nothing to be afraid of.  Everyone associated with the show was so helpful, kind, and genuine that it made the entire experience pretty wonderful!

I’d like to thank Megan, Carrie, Abbie and Aaron, and everyone else who worked hard to make the show possible.  You guys are truly amazing.  Thank you also to the following people for donating $50 or more to my Kickstarter page, helping bring my work and me to the Feed and Grain (in no particular order) :

Deb and Kim Kaul, Eric and Jackie Uthus, John Liffrig, Anonymous, Eve Bingham, Sheila and Annie, Matt Kaul, and Studio Bluebird.

Travel to this show was also supported by the University of Masschusetts Dartmouth’s Graduate Studies Office and College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Thank you all for your help!

Here are some more images from the weekend (Kate, I need a picture of your piece to include here!):

Lauren’s website:

Lauren’s blog:

Abbie’s website:

Abbie’s blog:

Kate’s website:

Backers, if you’d like to vote for your favorite image (to go on the magnets), please email your vote to me at ice_cream50(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Here are the three to choose from…

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Unpaid Interns, KickStarter Update, and a Contest, I suppose

Hello there everyone!

Where are you and what are you doing?  I just dropped my mom off at the airport in Providence.  She and my sister, Jen, were here for about a week, for graduation (which my dad came to too, but he had to leave early to go back to work).  I had promised them a luxurious vacation, going to Boston, Cape Cod, New York, and maybe even Montreal… well… they ended up being unpaid interns at Amy Uthus Ceramics instead!

It took me a lot longer to pack up my art and move out of my school studio than I thought it would.  Whoops.  They both worked really hard and maintained a great sense of humor about it though, which I appreciated.  Thank you both for all your help!  If I can remember to bring my memory card with me next time I’m at a computer with internet I’ll post some pictures of what my studio looked like prior to their arrival 🙂  and maybe I’ll post a picture of what my apartment looked like prior to the MFA show’s opening reception.  I might be too embarrassed to do that though…

Anyway, I’m writing to remind y’all (can I use that term even though I’m from ND?) about my KickStarter project, which is hopefully going to be used to fund my first post-graduation, professional show (in Loveland, CO).  I’ll have two pieces in the show – the one described on the project’s page and another one, called Invincible Summer, that will consist of 12 17″ x 19″ x 2mm thick lighted porcelain panels.  I’m looking for any help anyone is willing to give to get this project off the ground — What’s in your couch cushions these days??  Pledging is really easy – it only takes a couple of minutes.  So far the project is 47% funded.

Thanks to some amazing assistance designing and building crates, packing said crates, and hauling them to a shipping center, 1500 and Invincible Summer are on their way to Colorado as we speak!  They should arrive on Wednesday, June 6th.

Thank you to all the backers who have pledged support so far: Jackie and Eric, Jen, Sarah, Erika, Matt, John, Molly, Abbie, and Avery, and to the people who have been helping me with the aforementioned physical aspects of the project: My mom and sister, Shingo, Jim, Avery, Jessica, Allie.  You all are great!  I appreciate each and every one of you.

I’d also be most grateful if you could pass this project and link on to your friends in person or via email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, skype, blog, phone convo, texting, sign language, hand written letter, telepathy, telegraph, etc… there are only 12 days left to raise the remaining $562 needed to reach the goal of $1067.  1500 needs word-of-mouth help from people like you to succeed.  I’m really looking forward to installing this piece.  I’ve never made a piece where all the parts get taken away by the viewers (each person will be invited to take one of the 1,500 individual pieces home with them).

The organizers are expecting well over 1,000 people to see the art during a period of three days, which is great exposure for me at the beginning of my career.  It also should be a pretty sweet adventure (I was told the exhibition building, an old grain elevator, is currently inhabited by raccoons who “keep crapping all over”).  I’ll leave you with that lovely image 🙂  Hee hee!

Thank you for your help!

Also, if you made it to the bottom of this post, good for you!  Let’s have another contest, shall we?  Guess how much the actual shipping charges were to ship 2 crates and 2 boxes full of work to Colorado – person who’s closest wins.  Winner will receive one of my handmade translucent porcelain cups, shipped to your door (US only, sorry!).  Contest will end on Wednesday, June 6th, at whatever time I find access to the internet that day.

This rule is for my dad: one guess per person.  This rule is for me: you must be ‘following’ this blog to be eligible.

Ready, set, go!

KickStarter Project is Live!

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday to you all.  I’ve finished up my MFA (I think)… all my papers are signed, sealed and delivered to all of the right people, as far as I know.  Knock on wood!  Now I just need to clean out my studio, walk across the stage without crying, and then wait for my diploma to show up in the mail.  What a wonderful day that will be!

Until that day, and every day after, it’s on to bigger and better things.  🙂  I have two main projects on my plate this summer:

1) Glass Fiber Stone, a group show I was invited to be a part of, in Loveland, CO, and

2) An Artist-in-Residence position at Guldagergaard International Ceramics Research Center.

I’ve been working as much as I possibly can at the two jobs I have (workstudy for the Ceramics Dept., which ended yesterday), and catering for a lovely man named Greg.  However, it’s become quite clear to me that even with both of those jobs I’m not going to be able to cover the costs of these two career-boosting experiences.  So, after a good deal of thought, I’ve decided to start a KickStarter page.  I feel a little funny about doing it, but my projects are exactly what the site aims to help fund.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with KickStarter, it’s “a funding platform for creative projects.”  Anyone can start a page for their project.  What you do is this: you set a specific goal (mine is $1,067 – the cost of getting my piece and me to Loveland).  After setting your goal and publishing your page, you seek backers to pledge money toward that goal.  People can pledge any amount, starting at $1.  It’s important to note that it’s pledges, not donations.  If the goal isn’t met in the time allotted (my project has 29 days to succeed, beginning tonight!), none of the Backers who have pledged money are charged, and the project doesn’t receive any funding.  Backers are only charged if the project’s goal is totally met – meaning the project is strong enough to be completely backed.

If you’d like to check out my page, here’s a link:  I’d appreciate any help you’re willing to give, including non-pledge help like feedback on how to make the page stronger.  Thank you!

The project (titled 1500) will be comprised of 1,500 individual, handmade porcelain pieces like those shown below.  During the show, the public will be invited to take the pieces home with them.  As a result, the installation will constantly evolve as people interact with it.  Time lapse photography will be utilized, and my blog will be updated regularly with the changing images for the duration of the show.  This piece is an expansion of my thesis piece, Touch, which is partially based off my experiences in Istanbul at the Hagia Sophia, a 1,500 year-old structure.  You can read about Touch here and the Hagia Sophia here.

Amy Uthus Porcelain