Weighting, Wayting, Waiting.

I apologize for the title.  I’m a bit hard up for a clever line this evening, as you can tell!  Ha!

I’m waiting for my kiln to cool so I can open it and check out the results.  (See yesterday’s post.)  Opening kilns is always a surprise.  As I’ve told my students, it’s a little bit like a Christmas gift from your grandma – it can be a time where words fail you, in a good way or… not so much.  (Let’s give thanks for grandmothers who remember their grandkids, though!  You’re great!)

I should be able to open the kiln tomorrow morning.  Hopefully most everything comes out A-okay so I can start putting the installation together.  I’m nervous because this firing was so much longer than my test firing.  I hope that doesn’t mean that the carbon had more chance to burn off.  But because there’s absolutely nothing to be done about it at this point, I’m trying not to worry.

So, instead, I’m wishing I was going to Negreni Fair in Transylvania this weekend.  It sounds like quite the experience.  Abel told me about it as we ate lunch yesterday.  Whoa there, Mom.  Here’s how it went down: I left the studio en route to get cake for lunch.  My decision making skills at their finest, yes?  Igen.  Abel walked out at the same time.  Once we got out of the gate, we stopped sort of awkwardly on the sidewalk and looked at each other.  A1: “What are you doing?”  A2: “Um, I was going to eat lunch.”  A1: “Huh.  Me too.”  A2:”Oh.”  A1 & A2: “Well, we could eat together.”  So we did.  (We didn’t have cake though.)  While we were eating, he told me about this huge flea market (Negreni Fair) that happens in Transylvania every October on the second weekend of the month.  I tried to find more information about it online, but this link is the best I could do (in English, anyway).  It sounds like you can buy pretty much anything there.  What this lady writes about echoes what Abel spoke of, although she doesn’t have horses listed, and they were one of the sale items he rattled off in his description.  From what I understand, it makes the flea market here in Kecskemet look like a one-family yard sale.

Maybe next year!

The Plan for the rest of the weekend: open kiln, start laying out installation, make tiles, go to Vienna (I almost forgot!), make tiles, load kiln again.

Check back tomorrow to see what happened with this kiln!  Nighty-night!