Current projects at Guldagergaard

Hello everyone,

I thought it’s probably time for me to upload some photos of this place! I’m enjoying my time here so far. I think I’ve talked about this before, but one of my favorite parts is that everyone takes a turn cooking dinner for everyone else, and then we all eat together every night. It makes a really nice sense of community and it’s a fun way to get to know people.

I still haven’t signed up for a night. I better do that today!

In the studio I’ve been making molds. I’m going to do some regular slip casting of some cups (of course) and bowls, but I’m also going to try slumping some porcelain-saturated sheets of fiberglass. I think it could be really cool if I can get it to turn out. Right now my biggest problem is that I don’t know the appropriate firing temperature for those pieces – I think the fiberglass might melt quite a bit earlier than the porcelain, so I need to be careful not to over fire them and cause a huge glass puddle to form in the kiln. That would not be fun for the other artists who use the kiln and it wouldn’t be much fun for my wallet, either!

Here are some pictures:


My room.

Front of Residents’ house.

My studio space (notice the great apron I bought at the thrift store this afternoon!). My slump molds are on the left and my casting molds are in a dry box in another part of the studio.

Two more aprons, a spoon for my collection, and a tea strainer found at the thrift store today. I also bought an egg slicer for the studio kitchen – all together it was about $8.

Pond near the studio that houses an extremely loud but somewhat charming family of ducks.

Funny bird (took this picture in Florida but thought you might like to see him) 🙂


Remember to cheer for Amanda Smock in the Olympics! She’s from Melrose, MN and she’s the lone US Women’s triple-jumper at the Olympics. We ran together at NDSU and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met 🙂 Triple jump prelims are on the morning of Friday, Aug. 3rd. Click on her name to read a little bit about her story.