A sad end…

A couple of nights ago, I was carrying my lovely Matt Kelleher pitcher downstairs to the kitchen to fill it with ice water, thinking the whole time, “Be careful, be careful, be careful!” – I was tired and hot and I didn’t want to drop the pitcher and break it.  I bought it from Matt at the Penland School of Crafts in 2008, when I took a Concentration from Kent McLaughlin.  The pitcher called my name during a studio tour of the Resident Artists’ buildings one evening.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough cash to purchase it on the spot.  Matt was kind enough to let me take it anyway, telling me to bring it home and then pay him whenever I got the chance.  So I did.  An admirable way for him to do business!

Up until very recently, I’d been “saving” the pitcher, and other select pots, for when I have a “real” house (Don’t ask me why!  I don’t know!), but I’d finally decided that I should just start using them now, since – who knows – I might be 60 by the time I have a “real” house.  So I was excited to break it in.  And that I did…

I made it down and up the stairs uneventfully, returning to my room and setting the pitcher in the middle of my low coffee table.  For no real reason, I then decided it would be a good idea to move a wooden chair across the table and into a different part of the room.  In doing so, I accidentally smashed the chair’s legs against the pitcher, knocking it off the table, spilling ice-cold water everywhere, and cracking the little pot in two different places.  Sigh.

Matt Kelleher pitcher

I should have just gone to bed.


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