Dallas: Day Dos

I had a busy, almost bitterly disappointing, but ultimately fun second day in Dallas.  I got to the Nasher Sculpture Center just before they opened, excited to see work by many renowned sculptors.  Turned out that the museum was in the process of installing a new exhibit (Tony Cragg, which I would have loved to have seen!), so almost everything was closed.  The only thing open was the sculpture garden, which was good, because one of the two pieces I went to Texas specifically to see was in the garden.

This piece was James Turrell’s Tending (Blue).  I started walking through the garden and soon realized that the sign at the back of the garden reading, “exhibit temporarily closed” referred to this very piece.  I wanted to puke.  I back into the building and begged to see it anyway, explaining that I was there on scholarship to see that specific work.  After some deliberation, I was allowed to see it.  Although the special lighting inside wasn’t turned on, it was still a good experience – I sat in the shade, looked up at the blue blue sky, and let the square of sunshine streaming in pass across my body.  It made time a very physical presence.  I felt like I’d morphed into a part of an ancient sundial.  I’d like to go back when it’s redone (someone started building a skyscraper across the street, and you can see it through the aperture in the ceiling).  Sounds like it’ll be a while before it’s reopened, however.  Mr. Turrell is a busy man!

Tending Blue

Turrell, Tending (Blue)

The Nasher also had a piece by Richard Serra, My Curves Are Not Mad, which was very compelling (even more than the Turrell piece, I have to admit).  I liked how it dampened all sound, softening the constant jack-hammering and traffic from the nearby construction and street.  Like Tending (Blue), it cut off my field of vision to a very concise, specific area as I walked through it.  It felt like an oasis in the middle of a maelstrom.

My Curves Are Not Mad

Serra, My Curves Are Not Mad

After the Nasher, I went across the street to the Dallas Museum of Art.  It was impressive!  One of my favorite pieces was a painting by Andrew Wyeth called That Gentleman.  I’ll put a cropped picture of it here.  You can see all of the photos I shot on this trip on my facebook page.

That Gentleman

Wyeth, That Gentleman

After finishing up here, I got in my car and drove to Houston.  I only got pulled over once….


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