Potty Envelopes

Hungarian Envelopes

Today I found the pen store.  At this particular place, they sold stationary, pens, notebooks, rulers, pencil holders, greeting cards, folders, erasers, and backpacks.  But no envelopes.  So I went on a mission to find envelopes.  And also a large sponge for my studio space.  But first and foremost, envelopes!  I asked in the ICS office and was told to try the store across the street from the post office.  (I went there – the post office – today too, and it’s very confusing.  A man had to literally push all the right buttons for me, hand me the ticket that printed out after the buttons were pushed, then lead me to the correct bank teller/post office person, take the ticket from my hand, and hand it to the lady behind the counter.)  But I digress!  I found the envelopes pictured above at the recommended store.  Needless to say, I bought all that they had.  Which was only seven.  It’s entirely possible that I’ll go back later and check for more.  In my opinion, this mission was a raging success.  I hope I feel this satisfied tomorrow when I open up my saggers!


4 comments on “Potty Envelopes

  1. Jackie says:

    Maybe you can find some that say “Poopy”, too!

    I sent your birthday present and a card today (separately) but was disappointed because she thought it would take 2 weeks so they will be belated…darn!

    • amyuthus says:

      Poopy would be awesome. I know exactly who I’d send that to. His name starts with D and ends with Ad.
      I don’t care that whatever you sent might be late, I’m just excited to get mail! Thanks! I’m going to write some letters tonight since I found envelopes, even though I feel like I don’t have anything new to tell anyone since it’s all on my blog!

  2. Julie says:

    Are these potty envelopes lined? Hope so!

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